Why Us?

We Personalize your care
We appreciate that you are unique and therefore will have needs that are going to be very different from everyone else. That is why we personalize your CareMap, your very personal care program, based on your needs. A Registered Nurse will work with you to create your CareMap, keeping your schedule at the center. Your independence is our goal! We are very flexible to change your CareMap as different needs arise. We will also work along with any home health agency or nursing agency that may be assisting you or your loved one.

We are flexible and work for our convenience
Our caregivers work for your convenience. We plan our services around your schedule so that you remain in charge. We will never dictate to you but in fact work around your daily calendar so that you maintain your independence.

Our 24/7 Advantage
Our highly qualified caregivers are available day or night, weekends or holidays, 24/7. We offer 24 hour live-in caregiver services to provide support to the primary caregivers who may need to tend to their own necessities.

You can call us anytime – we are available at all times of the day, every day of the week. Our representatives will be pleased to assist you in all ways possible. We always try to accommodate a last minute request. We encourage our clients to call us if they require something urgently. We will be happy to help you with your needs, even if it is very late at night and your caregiver is not scheduled to be with you. Just give us a call, don’t hesitate!

We will be there when you need us most!
You just remembered that you forgot to pick up your medicine, bread or milk. For that matter anything else that is important and you may require. Now it is late at night and you don’t feel comfortable driving. Just give us a call and we’ll get it for you. That's our promise!

We can be your Personal Assistant
Out office staff is at your disposal. Please feel free to call us in case you need personal assistance such as (appointment setting and reminders, oversee home deliveries, schedule house maintenance, coordinate lawn care and bill payment etc.). We will be happy to help. We have specialized staff who can assist you with Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance related paperwork.

We help you stay mobile
All our caregivers have valid driver’s licenses and will drive you to your appointments if you so require.

We provide transportation
We provide transportation so that you won’t have to drive. Sit back, relax and read a newspaper while we drive you to your appointments (Doctors visits, General outings, Social events etc.). We will even take you grocery shopping. Just make reservations in advance. We always try to help out with last minute requests.

We are comprehensively covered - Bonded, insured, screened and licensed
Vitacare Services provides comprehensive insurance policies for each of its employees. We cover all wages and provide workers compensation insurance, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. We also carry full professional and liability insurance to cover all our services. Our caregivers are fully trained, screened with background checks, driver’s license approved and bonded.

Vitacare Services LLC is insured and licensed by the State of New Jersey. We supervise all caregivers and review their performance on a regular basis.

We provide services to assisted living facilities and nursing homes
We can visit you or your loved one at a facility to supplement care or provide services that the facility cannot provide. We can coordinate these services with the facility to avoid any duplications of service.

We will always have stand by caregivers
We always have standby caregivers that can be assigned if your regular caregiver is sick. Our standby caregivers are equally qualified and will be available to provide service until your regular caregiver can return.

We will protect your privacy
We respect the privacy of those for whom we provide care for and therefore do our utmost to protect it.