Do You Need Assistance?

How do you know when you or your loved one needs help? Are they safe living alone at home? Are they able to eat on time, and manage their home and run their daily chores as effectively as they used to? Are you worried all the time? Here is a checklist to help you decide whether some help would be the right thing to do.
  1. Is it becoming increasingly difficult getting out of bed in the morning?
  2. Is it tough getting around the house during the day?
  3. Is your sleep disturbed several times a night to go to the bathroom?
  4. Do you have trouble maintaining your house and yard?
  5. Have you fallen in the last few months? Are you constantly worried about it?
  6. Is it getting tough keeping the laundry done?
  7. Has your personal hygiene decreased in the last few months?
  8. Do you have trouble dressing?
  9. Have started missing or skipping meals over the last few months?
  10. Have you stopped or reduced cooking at home and started depending more on frozen dinners as the main source of nutrition?
  11. Is it getting difficult remembering to take your prescriptions correctly?
  12. Have you missed important appointments or social events over the last few months?
  13. Are you worried about driving on your own?
  14. Are you getting overwhelmed with all the daily living tasks, which used to be easy?
  15. Have you started forgetting things?
If you answered "yes" to more than four of these questions, you should consider getting homecare.

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